"Virginia Beach Friends of the International Association for Near-Death Studies is a local non-profit organization affiliated with National IANDS ( We promote the transformational knowledge that can be gained by learning especially about near-death experiences. We also recognize the importance of near-deathlike, out-of-body, and spiritual experiences. We accomplish our mission by sponsoring monthly speakers, offering for donation videos of their presentations, sponsoring a weekly discussion group, making available a library of books and tapes, and by maintaining our presence on the Internet through our own website and our page on the National IANDS website.”

Virginia Beach Friends of IANDS provides five regular monthly meetings:

Public presentations with guest speakers from 10 a.m. - noon on the first Saturday of the month at the A.R.E. Mini-Auditorium, 215 - 67th Street, Virginia Beach, VA 23451 After the meetings interested persons are invited to a no-host lunch with the speaker at a local restaurant.

The Tuesday Evening Metaphysical Discussion Group meets every Tuesday from 7 – 9 p. m. at Fellowship of the Inner Light, 620 - 14th Street, Virginia Beach. The group discusses many topics, including near-death experience. Persons who wish to share their NDE with a friendly audience are welcome to attend the group. The group is facilitated by John Brickhouse and Heidi. Meetings usually feature a DVD, discussion, coffee and snacks. Contact John at and the church at (757) 428-5782.

Virginia Beach Friends of the International Association for Near-Death Studies is a local non-profit organization dedicated to the support of those who have had a Near-Death Experience (NDE), Out-of-Body Experience (OBE), or other Spiritually Transformative Experience (STE), as well as those who are interested in learning more about NDEs, OBEs, or STEs.

We fulfill our mission through a monthly speaker meeting, weekly sharing group meetings, maintaining a study and lending library, and posting videos of many of our speakers on the Internet via the web site of Fellowship of the Inner Light.

The Fellowship of the Inner Light web site features many 30 – minute presentations by featured speakers of VBIANDS who spoke at the church on the Sunday following their Saturday presentation at VBIANDS. These speakers include P. M. H. Atwater, Reuben Beckham, Lori Biehler, Hazel Cassell, Nanci Danison, Andy Petro, Ken Prather, Stephen Redding, Chris Russell, and Barbara Harris Whitfield.

Click here to watch these videos or go to the Fellowship of the Inner Light's YouTube page.

VBIANDS has produced a comprehensive Directory of VBIANDS Speakers, including many photos, summaries of what they said, contact and ordering information. It's almost a book in itself. Click here for pdf file.

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