Fellowship Events for videos of NDE speakers.

Association for Research and Enlightenment - A.R.E.

International Association for Near-Death Studies. It’s scholarly and objective.

www.near-death.com is the web site of Kevin Williams, who explores every nuance of meaning of NDE and presents a wealth of information. Upon request he will also send a monthly NDE newsletter by e-mail.

www.nderf.org is the web site of Jody Long, JD, and her husband, Jeffrey P. Long, M. D. They present many accounts worth studying.

http://pmhatwater.com/ is the web site of PMH Atwater, a leading researcher and experiencer. She had three NDE’s in 1977, and since has written many books about NDE’s. On January 24, 2008 I received this word from PMH about the direction of NDE research: “Because of four clinical prospective studies done in three countries, plus a plethora of papers published in peer-reviewed journals, the phenomenon is now the number one choice of scientists worldwide to study consciousness itself.

Things like out-of-body experiences, the dead come back, visitors from the other side, otherworldly journeys, are now considered normal and typical to the experience and are no longer relegated to conditions like oxygen deprivation, the dying brain, hallucinations, and so forth.”

Dr. Eben Alexander III - www.reconciliationlife.com

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